Exceptional Living Near Boston!

You're looking for the best locations and a lifestyle that includes trees, lovely yards and parks.  You're looking for convenience and access to Boston and to MetroWest.  You've heard about the top rated public schools in Massachusetts that prepare children to attend the best universities in the nation.

Look no further than the suburbs west of Boston!  

Abundant local services, access to highways and public transit, the best schools in the state - all within a thriving, diverse and urbane environment in the middle of everything!

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Did you know that a backed up sewage system may not be covered under your homeowners insurance policy?


It's easy to take a properly funct

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Are Identity Thieves Preying on Your Children?


What if you found out your nine-year-old son was in foreclosure on a home in a neighboring state?  Or that your six-year-old daughter was in collection for a huge utility bill in another county?  Imagine learning that information when they are college-aged and are applying for student loans!

Unfortunately, identity theft isn't just something adults experience.  Children are eas

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